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Mix & Mastering Engineer

Elevating your music to its greatest potential whilst creating an accessible service for emerging artists, particularly women and marginalised genders.

Growing up with a melting pot of musical genres being played at all times - from northern soul and motown, to new wave and brit pop - I quickly developed a strong interest in the ever-evolving world of music. This has manifested in a love for live music, record collecting, DJing, electronic music production, radio broadcasting and in more recent years - sound engineering. This has become particularly accessible when moving to Bristol, a hub for a thriving and diverse music scene that I am thrilled to be a part of. My love for a wide range of genres has not waned, but today I am primarily listening to neo-soul, alternative and electronic music, but I am always searching for the next record that I can’t switch off.

Listen to my favourite album of the moment here:

Cleo Sol - Mother

Whilst studying Television at University, with a specialism in sound, the technical side of audio had piqued my interest. I was fascinated by the process of recording and manipulating sound, and how much it could be enhanced with the right tools. I was able to begin applying these skills to music and have not looked back, and have pursued a range of opportunities to get me to where I am today.

Some opportunities I have pursued:

  • Avid Certified Pro Tools qualifications PT101 and PT111
  • Live Sound Engineering short course with Saffron
  • Live Sound Engineering placement at Love Saves The Day Festival
  • A recording and mixing course with Omnii Sound, with studio access
  • Part-Time Studio Assistant at Factory Studios - Bristol (ongoing)
  • Shadowing and assisting with recording at Humm Studios - Bristol (ongoing)

As my journey into sound engineering continues, one thing that has become clear is the severe gender imbalance in the music industry - particularly within technical roles. I am passionate to address this, as I strongly believe productivity and creativity thrives in a place where the artist can feel understood and free to express themselves with no judgement or patronising treatment based on their race or gender.



I offer a range of sound engineering services, to help shape your project and get your music ready for distribution.

web design

Small scale recording available at selected Bristol studios, cultivating an open-minded & inviting environment.

graphic design

Multi-stem mixing to give your tracks a cohesive & high quality finish, completed at my home studio in Bristol.


Providing the finishing touches & quality control to prepare your music for sharing, completed at my home studio in Bristol.

Discounted Rate

15% off for women & other marginalised genders, helping to push representation within the music industry.




Fuelled by a lifelong love for music, I have now been DJing for 6+ years, playing a range of electronic genres such as bass, techno, UK garage, breaks and UK funky. This has involved curating and hosting events as part of a collective called Honey Club Events in Falmouth, Cornwall.

In more recent years, I perform as a solo DJ called iz.wav primarily in Bristol. I hold a monthly radio residency where I aim to provide a platform for emerging DJs of marginalised genders that are under-represented in the electronic music scene. You can listen to me DJ here.


Saffron Music
app development

I am currently being supported by Saffron as part of their 10 month Springboard scheme, which aims to address the gender imbalance in all areas of music.

I receive funding, mentoring and education in areas such as music rights, business development and confidence training. This is helping further my career as a sound engineer and better myself as a professional in the music industry.

Client Testimonials

"I had an all round fab experience with Izzy's mastering services. Communication was really clear throughout, and she has a great attention to detail. The files were sent back to me quickly and arranged into labelled folders. The master uplifted my tracks so that they sounded clean and punchy on all different soundsystems. Would highly recommend her to any artist!"
Mary Waters
client 1

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